McCauley Sound is located at the heart of the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by great evergreen forests and under the shadow of majestic Mt. Rainier.  An American company founded on the humble frontier spirit of discovery and driven forward by a traditional pride in the merits of craftsmanship. As an innovator and leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance loudspeaker systems and components, McCauley Sound is the only professional audio company still based in the United States who both engineers technologies and manufactures products entirely in-house and under our direct control.

Founded in 1979 by Tom McCauley, McCauley Sound has throughout the decades since, developed countless breakthrough products, that have powered many of the most famous names in the business. Still owner operated, and driven by a real passion for great sound, we are proud to be the company that goes the extra mile for our customers. Our dedication to these principles is obvious in every detail, each idea, and is constantly driving us forward.

All the major elements of McCauley loudspeaker systems are manufactured locally, from raw materials to finished goods. We are focused on the details of custom engineering complete products. It is the sum of these details, and how they tightly integrate in our designs, that truly sets McCauley products apart from the rest.

Hundreds of different loudspeaker systems and components designed, thousands built and deployed in the field, millions of people experiencing the results of our hard work, and yet we have only just begun. McCauley Sound will continue to thrive as long our customers continue to appreciate the real difference that care, craftsmanship and satisfaction of accomplishment that makes the products we deliver what they are.

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Believe it or not, 2024 is the year, that we finally replaced the front-end webserver! The time has really come, and I’m excited to start being able to add new content here, while still maintaining all of the previous links to older products on the back-end. It is still going to take a little bit…

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