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General Staging
2-Way Full Range, 2" x Dual 15"
50Hz - 12kHz  /  90° x 40°
The SA155-2 was designed as multi-purpose, dedicated full range “workhorse” system for medium to large scale stage sound reinforcement duty. Its durable construction reliable performance make this system and excellent choice for many pro sound companies. Optional removable castor pallets facilitate load-ins/outs while the steel handles are positioned for optimal leverage. This system integrates with other McCauley SA(tm) products, offering consistent coverage and a uniform appearance.

The SA155-2 is a 2-way full range system in a computer optimized enclosure. Loud speaker complement consists of twin proprietary midrange 15”s, individually loaded into separate subcompartments, and a single 2” compression driver mounted on a 90ox40o horn. The enclosure is constructed of durable 12-ply void-free birch laminate, dadoed for strength and durability. Perforated steel is employed for frontal protection of the loud speaker complement.
Optimized Internal Crossover
Locking Skid Plates
Switchable Passive to Biamp
Dual Neutrik NL4 Connectors
Ergonomically-placed handles
Optimized for Intelligibility
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish

This product has been discontinued

"I looked at all the PA systems on the market – JBL, EAW, L'Acoustic, etc. McCauley Sound had a really neat package, but, above all, the company impressed me with its 'Mom 'n' Pop' attitude to my project; they were never too busy,..."
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