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3-Way, (6) 1" x Quad 8" x Quad 12"
40Hz - 18kHz  /  80° x 10°
The ILA412 is a 3-way, axisymmetric large format line array system designed specifically for permanent installation. The system is engineered to deliver high definition, high SPL sound reinforcement for a broad range of applications, including concert halls, stadiums, houses of worship, and large clubs.
Each ILA412 line array cabinet features four manifold loaded 12” McCauley 8132 Low-Mid drivers, four 77087 8” Midrange Drivers and six 1.0” exit compression drivers on a 80° x 10° slot-loaded wave guide.
The McCauley 8132 LF driver is built around a new field serviceable motor with integrated aluminum heat sink. The new motor design has a thinner, 0.2” top plate and longer 0.875” by 4.0” diameter aluminum coil which improves the linearity of the Bl vs. displacement profile. The 8132 LF driver features a hybrid composite-paper cone which balances light weight and high stiffness, to improve overall sensitivity, with the internal damping that is inherent to paper cone loudspeakers.
The coupling of the cone drivers and high frequency waveguide has been specially engineered to produce a rich and fully balanced sound from 40 Hz to 18 kHz. The 8132 12” LF drivers are manifold loaded to improve the sensitivity over their operating band and increase array density. The 77087 8” midrange drivers are phase plug loaded to match the pattern of the HF around the crossover frequency and reduce cabinet to cabinet interferences. The HF slot loaded waveguide is optimized to reduce resonances which would require DSP equalization. The sensitivity of each component has been specifically engineered for the ILA412 to allow for the extra HF headroom which is often required in longer throw applications.

The enclosure is constructed from 15mm 13-ply void-free birch plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant ProCoat™ polyurea hybrid finish. All rigging components are weather protected with a heat cured epoxy powder coat finish. Components in the front of the enclosure are protected by a fitted grill made from perforated steel that is coated with heat cured epoxy powder, and lined with acoustically transparent foam. Cam-Lock quick release fasteners allow easy access to the loudspeakers with only a screw driver.
The ILA412 enclosure is available with an Extreme Weatherproof option. All wood products are treated with a waterproof conformal coating. All loudspeaker drivers are made with water resistant adhesives and all soft parts impregnated with a proprietary silicone based compound. The grill and jack panel are manufactured from stainless steel and the standard NL8 connectors are replaced by a water-tight gland nut with AWG 12-8 SOOW or higher grade pigtail.
Optional Flown Rigging
Weather Resistant Construction
- Optional 3/8th Inch Eyebolt Suspension Points
Arrayable Pattern

Main P.A.
Mega Church
Night Club (Multi-purpose)
Corporate Events
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