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Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103
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There are those few companies who just know…

Analogies are established to permit one to make a more informed decision on topics they may not fully understand. Therefore we would like to list a few in order to provide you a better description of the talent and company that is recognized here.

There exists today many graphic painters within our society, however only a few have the talent which identifies them as Artists. Likewise, there are tremendous amounts of musicians around the world yet only a handful experience the reality of earning a living from their professional talents and labors.

There too are many audio/video companies to choose from for your entertainment needs. However, only a few really possess the artistic talent and musical background which are key during the design of and implementation of a more dynamic, musical, larger than life audible/visual experience.

Having basic technical knowledge of how electronics work and knowing a few construction techniques may not always yield the superior outcome.

Does your choice of company have the experience it takes to make a home theater sound more natural and lifelike or will your home theater just create huge explosions designed to vibrate the china cabinet?

When listening to the sound track from your favorite movie, would you not more so enjoy the realism and imaging of sitting in the front row at the concert hall?

Does the company of your choice truly understand the science of acoustics relating to your environment?

While most companies claim to be the custom installation ‘experts’, there are those few artists who possess talents and capabilities that exceed far beyond that of the many advertised “experts”.

There is no replacement for experience, especially in the vast and variable world of music, voice, sound and video.

It has been our privilege to work with Mr. Joseph Christman, Star Sound A/V President, for many years in the Professional Music Industry, Recording Sciences Industry and the Consumer Electronics Industry. His passion is music, sound and video. He relates to the true performance of quality products, employs detailed installation techniques - including all safety issues and always delivers added value for his clients. He has what we term in the music industry “an incredible pair of ears” and therefore we classify him as a true measure of the title “expert”.

Mr. Christman’s capabilities seem endless in the design and construction of residential audio/video systems, electronic whole-house management systems as well as commercial related venues which include night clubs, concert halls and recording studios. He brings these many talents with a level of confidence that I am sure you too will realize is a cut above the rest.

While his company shares a very similar trade name that can easily be associated with ours, we feel that if there ever were any confusion between the two companies, the client would be respected and treated as one of our own.

Employing the truest form of professionalism, honesty, quality of build and installation while providing a personal level of customer service, Star Sound Audio Video Systems of Allentown, PA will work hard to earn your business now and for years to come.

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