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Single 18"

The 6174 18" transducer is an ultra-high performance woofer designed to reproduce low and extended low frequency material at very high SPL's. The 6174's twin coupled magnet structures increase the power handling to 800w RMS / 1600w PROGRAM, while the system'sconvective cooling chambers actively dissapate heat. The 6174 offers over 2" of controlled, peak to peak cone excursion for exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice in high performance applications like touring class sound systems and theme park installations.

2" Peak to Peak Excursion
Extreme Power Handling
Natural Fiber Ribbed Cone
InWound Voice Coils
Large Vent
Once-Piece Backplate / Pole Piece
Twin Frontside / Backside Gaskets
4" InWound Voice Coil
6000 Series Magnet Assembly
Cast Aluminum Basket
Field Servicable Basket Assembly
Nickel Plated Brass Terminal Posts
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